Watercolor + Alcohol = Fun for Kids

#Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums for my own work and for projects with the kids. There's so many simple and fun ways to make beautiful and colorful masterpieces. So easy, a toddler can do it!

This technique uses a little #science and the mess is minimal.

We cut circles out of our painted paper to make some colorful mixed media winter #wreaths........or #donuts. Depends who you ask!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Watercolor Paper (90-140 lb)

  • Liquid Watercolor (we like Blick Liquid Watercolors)

  • Liquid droppers (You can buy these at Amazon or smaller quantities at the craft store)

  • Rubbing Alcohol (90% works best for craft projects)

  • Paint brush (optional)

  • Shallow tray or cookie sheet (optional but helps contain spillage and messes)

  • Plenty of paper towels

  • Water (for diluting your liquid watercolor)

  • small, shallow cups for your paint and alcohol (you can also put some of the watercolor in spray bottles. The kids love it)

Let the fun begin! Putting a paper towel under the paper is a good idea! (the ziploc bag is not necessary. I put the kids' painted paper in the bags to protect them and store them until our next session)

This is where you can experiment. Use the dropper to collect some alcohol and release it onto the paper. Then follow with a few drops of paint and watch the magic. Reverse the order....paint first, then alcohol. Add different colors, splatter, drop alcohol. Watch the paint and alcohol mix together and let it do its thing for the best effects.

Once you're satisfied, set your paper aside and let it dry!

You can cut out shapes to make other fun projects or #frame as is! Stay tuned for how we used this paper to create our wreaths/donuts! I'll come back and post a link once I post the project!

Let us know what you think!

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